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Artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement


The cases for chronic back pain is getting increased notably over the years across the world. Huge numbers of patients visit doctors every day complaining of having chronic back pain. Well, doctors, at first, will suggest various non-surgical treatments. However, in case these non-surgical treatments fail to heal the pain, doctors opt for disc replacement [...]

Artificial Spine Lumbar Disc Replacement2021-09-21T14:58:34+05:30

Easy Guide for Women Bone Health


Bones provide the basic structure of our body upon which flesh, organs, and skin are placed. It is always advised to build up strong bones during your childhood since bones tend to become weaker in your adulthood. Importance of Bone health : Bones protect our important organs like the heart, skull, lung, [...]

Easy Guide for Women Bone Health2021-08-30T12:06:00+05:30

Knee Injuries and Risk for Osteoarthritis


People can get injured on their knees for different reasons. Injuries can be due to sports or accidents, and it is necessary to get them treated properly. Knee osteoarthritis gets developed from different types of knee injuries among young adults. However, some can also get diagnosed with OA due to heredity.  Osteoarthritis- A [...]

Knee Injuries and Risk for Osteoarthritis2021-08-27T12:03:02+05:30

When Is Knee Replacement Surgery Necessary?


When Is Knee Replacement Surgery Necessary? Knee replacement or knee arthroplasty helps one get rid of diseased knee joints. Patients suffering from prolonged arthritis generally go through Knee Replacement surgery. In this surgery, the damaged bone, cartilage, kneecap, etc., are cut away. Later, the doctors install prostheses made of plastic, polymer, or metal [...]

When Is Knee Replacement Surgery Necessary?2021-08-10T05:30:40+05:30

What Does a Hip Labral Tear Feel Like?


Hip Labral refers to the soft tissue that surrounds the hip joint sockets. The Hip Labral is responsible for smooth and free femoral head movement. This tissue keeps the socket and the ball together. These days, Hip Labral Tear is a pretty common case, and it occurs due to structural problems, major injury, or [...]

What Does a Hip Labral Tear Feel Like?2021-08-10T06:57:25+05:30

Positive results for the patient with the hip arthroscopy


When should you go for a Hip Arthroscopy? If none of the non-surgical treatments such as Physiotherapy, rest, medication, etc., work, the doctors suggest the patients go for Hip Arthroscopy to get rid of the painful symptoms. Hip arthroscopy is a must for Femoroacetabular impingement, Dysplasia, Snapping hip syndromes, Synovitis, Hip Joint infection, [...]

Positive results for the patient with the hip arthroscopy2021-08-10T07:14:48+05:30

Is a Pinched Nerve Causing Your Shoulder Pain?


The pinched nerve is also known as cervical radiculopathy. People may suffer from this problem when the nerve in the neck gets irritated. In this situation, the nerve gets away from the spine, and it causes severe pain. The pain starts circulating to the shoulder, and people start suffering from severe shoulder pain. Symptoms of [...]

Is a Pinched Nerve Causing Your Shoulder Pain?2021-06-22T07:39:40+05:30

8 Most Common Sports Injuries: Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery


Sportsperson often complains of suffering from different types of injuries. These injuries can be in different forms and can develop due to various reasons. But every injury must get properly treated to not lead to the severity in the future. Today, we will discuss the top eight most common sports injuries that almost every [...]

8 Most Common Sports Injuries: Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery2021-06-22T06:42:37+05:30

9 Lesser-Known Tips for Easing Neck Pain


Suffering from neck pain is not new for anyone. Almost everyone suffers from neck pain during work or after that. Neck pain often develops due to muscle strain and other underlying neck problems. If any person is suffering from disc degeneration, neck injury, or spinal stenosis, can suffer from chronic neck problems. Many try [...]

9 Lesser-Known Tips for Easing Neck Pain2021-06-17T09:33:19+05:30

Neck Pain: Possible Causes and How to Treat It


There is hardly any person who has never suffered from neck pain. After working on computers for a long time, many of us complain of having neck pain. Suffering from neck pain or a stiff neck can also be caused due to injury or accident. Here one needs to know the causes and treatments [...]

Neck Pain: Possible Causes and How to Treat It2021-06-11T12:29:33+05:30
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