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Ankle Arthroscopy : A Solution for Chronic Ankle Pain


Ankle Arthroscopy: An Effective Solution for Chronic Ankle Pain At Chirayu Clinic, under the expertise of Dr. Vinil Shinde, we understand the challenges posed by chronic ankle pain. It significantly affects mobility and overall well-being. So, we explore Ankle Arthroscopy—an innovative procedure—to give detailed information about this minimally invasive surgery that effectively deals with chronic [...]

Ankle Arthroscopy : A Solution for Chronic Ankle Pain2023-11-16T18:49:11+05:30

What Does a Hip Labral Tear Feel Like?


Hip Labral refers to the soft tissue that surrounds the hip joint sockets. The Hip Labral is responsible for smooth and free femoral head movement. This tissue keeps the socket and the ball together. These days, Hip Labral Tear is a pretty common case, and it occurs due to structural problems, major injury, or [...]

What Does a Hip Labral Tear Feel Like?2021-08-10T06:57:25+05:30

Is Arthroscopic Surgery Worth It?


People suffering from different types of joint pain always need specialized treatment. With the development in the medical field, doctors often suggest Arthroscopic Surgery, which can reduce the pain and heal the inside injury. Doctors recommend that if a patient suffers from joint inflammation due to injury or diseases like osteoarthritis, they can get the best [...]

Is Arthroscopic Surgery Worth It?2021-04-28T13:56:13+05:30
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