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Post Fracture Care Guide


When you have a broken bone, it is called a fracture. It calls for medical attention. In case the broken bone is a result of a major injury or trauma, contact a doctor immediately. Post Fracture Care Guide Do not move unless necessary to avoid any injury after you get a fracture. While you wait [...]

Post Fracture Care Guide2022-02-09T11:20:48+05:30

Easy Guide for Women Bone Health


Bones provide the basic structure of our body upon which flesh, organs, and skin are placed. It is always advised to build up strong bones during your childhood since bones tend to become weaker in your adulthood. Importance of Bone health : Bones protect our important organs like the heart, skull, lung, [...]

Easy Guide for Women Bone Health2021-08-30T12:06:00+05:30
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