Suffering from shoulder pain is not uncommon among individuals. People can suffer from shoulder and back pain due to various reasons. Prolonged sitting and working can raise this problem. These neck or shoulder pain can often last long if not appropriately treated. Well, experts often suggest specific exercises that help in relieving your pain.

  • Stretches:-

Doing stretches help loosen the muscle first and keep it relaxed. The muscles will become more flexible, and regular starching exercises maintain the blood flow.

  • Neck Rotation and Side Bend:-

This is another helpful exercise that will help in removing shoulder and neck pain. While practicing these exercises, you should feel the stretch on your neck. So, at first, stand straight and start tilting your neck to the side.

  • Rolling Shoulder:-

This exercise seems like another good way to reduce shoulder and neck pain. While doing this exercise, you need to roll the shoulders backward in a circular gesture. This exercise is required to be done for five rotations. The training should be done 2-3 times.

  • Overhead Arm Exercise:-

To do this exercise, at first, sit straight on a chair. Now raise your hand and bend your hand above your head. Follow the same process for another hand also. While practicing the exercise, you need to feel that stretching, and this will help remove the neck pain.

  • Pec Stretch:-

This is another stretching method, and to do this, you need to first place the forearms on the doorframe. Here you also need to place the elbows at a 90-degree angle.

  • Chair Rotation:-

To do this exercise, sit at them sideways in a chair and start rotating your torso without moving your legs and hold the position for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this process for the other side. This exercise seems quite adequate to relieve you of all types of neck and shoulder pain.