The cases for chronic back pain is getting increased notably over the years across the world. Huge numbers of patients visit doctors every day complaining of having chronic back pain. Well, doctors, at first, will suggest various non-surgical treatments. However, in case these non-surgical treatments fail to heal the pain, doctors opt for disc replacement treatment.

Lumbar artificial disc replacement :

The hurting spinal disc gets replaced with the help of artificial lumbar surgery. It is a newly invented surgery, and in this treatment, the lumbar disc is removed. These discs are replaced with artificial ones for easy movement and get recovery from chronic back pain.

Why do you need lumbar artificial disc replacement?

The primary reason for which doctors suggest this surgery is to treat lower back pain. However, this treatment is not for all patients. Hence doctors normally recommend this surgery in the following cases.

  • This surgery is effective for those whose one or two discs at the lower back are not functioning.
  • This surgery is beneficial for individuals who do not have any significant joint ailments.
  • If you are overweight, you will get benefited from this surgery.
  • If you have not undergone any other spinal surgery previously, lumbar disc replacement can be a good option for you.

Risks involved in this surgery :

Similar to other surgeries, lumbar artificial disc replacement also comes with some risks. Hence a patient must understand the risks involved in artificial disc replacement.

  • Infection can be noticed around the artificial disc area.
  • The implantation of the artificial disc can get fractured.
  • The artificial discs can get loosen.
  • Patients can feel discomfort if these discs are not implanted properly.

Post-surgery recovery :

The doctors will suggest patients stay in the hospital for few days post-surgery. It has also been noticed that the recovery rate of this treatment is faster than other surgeries. Well, it is suggested that patients should follow the guidelines mentioned by the doctors after this surgery to get long-term benefits.