Back Pain Treatment in Kothrud and Bavdhan

Suffering from back pain is not uncommon, and many often complain of having persisting lower back pain. Back pain can develop in you due to several reasons. Sometimes it may get cured by applying home remedies, or sometimes you may need to rush to doctors.

Causes of back pain

Continuous suffering from lower back pain can keep you away from your day-to-day activities. It may be the result of an injury or effect of medications. Individuals need to understand the causes of lower back pain to be aware of those causes.


A strained muscle is the most significant cause of lower back pain. Such muscle strain or injuries occur if one lifts any load improperly. If you lift a heavy load and make an abrupt movement, you can suffer from back pain.

Structural complications

Ruptured disk, Bulging disk, arthritis, sciatica are some structural problems that can cause lower back pain

Improper posture

Many are habituated to work on computers in a hunched position. Continuous practice of this wrong sitting position can cause lead to back pain.


If you feel sensation, constant ache or burning feeling at the back, and if this problem persists for more than a week, you need to rush to doctors.

Treatments of back pain

Most of the time, people don’t need extensive treatment for back pain. Instead, they can use pain-relieving sprays to get the best result. However, if the cases are severe, doctors opt for the following treatments.

  • Doctors suggest using non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medicines, namely ibuprofen and naproxen.
  • If the pain is severe, doctors suggest Opioids which include oxycodone, Vicodin, etc.
  • If the patient is suffering from back pain due to structural problems, doctors can suggest surgery.
  • Alternatively, treatments like acupuncture, massage, and relaxation techniques are also helpful to treat back pain.

Dr. Vinil Shinde is an orthopedic surgeon in kothrud, Pune and has an experience of 8 years in this field. Dr. Vinil Shinde practices at dr shinde’s dental & orthopaedic clinic in kothrud, pune. He completed ms – orthopaedics from topiwala national medical college in 2010. He is a member of association of spine surgeons of India (assi).

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Dr. Vinil Shinde is a very good orthopedic doctor. I consulted him for my wife’s wrist fracture. He not only operated but also gave a very good counseling for faster and better recovery. Dr. Shinde is definitely a recommendable orthopedic in Kothrud. Chirayu clinic is well equipped and very well maintained for orthopedic treatments.
With best regards

Amardip Berde

Truly Doctors are angels !!!
In lockdown my 4 years son fall while playing at night 10:30 pm. It was emergency as his elbow got dislocated.
Due to Covid no any doctor was allowing us to visit, and we were afraid to go to big hospital. Even our regular pediatrician asked us to come in morning
We called Dr Vinil Shinde, he listen our case calmly observed my son on video call considering emergency he called us at his clinic immediately at night 11 pm
He attended him and releaved his pain.

Shraddha kadam
Initially I have given my feedback. I hope it was not negative but little disappointing. I would like to apologise as it was given before I complet my 5 days treatment period which was given by Dr. Today is my 5th day of my treatment and I am feeling better. Thanks to Dr Vinil for his treatment. Seriously I was impressed with his friendly and polite nature.
Pravin Kakade , Visited For Upper Back Pain
Excellent, he cleared all my doubts and queries. Very humble and polite.. I would recommend for sure.
Suraj Subhash Shaha , Visited For Neck Pain Treatment
They are very humble and explains everything regarding problem. The best example for why we called such person as Doctor.
Piyush Shinde, Visited For Bone Fracture

Very good . Doctor explained the injury and the precautionary measure properly. Very humble spoken which is important because the patient is already traumatized. Overall very good Diagnosis

Vishakha Mohite
I visited him during initial days of lockdown when I got fracture on my left arm. The most important thing I liked is that he quickly asked me to come to the clinic when I told him that it is urgent. He listened my problem very carefully and prescribed the proper medication. Thank you Dr.
Nidhi Gupta

Satisfied with my dental treatment and with my mother’s orthopaedic treatment. Good knowledgeable doctors.

Raj Patil, Visited For Orthopaedic Surgeon Treatment

Great treatment (Went for a fracture). The doctor was always responsive to my queries and very helpful.

Somitra Upadhye , Visited For Bone Fracture

The doctor is really good and make you feel very relaxed with the diagnosis he does and prescribe less medicine. Experience doctor give accurate diagnosis. My grand ma taking second opinion for knee replacement surgery. Dr Shinde gives perfect solution to avoid surgery.

Nakul Ingale , Visited For Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr Shinde’s Chirayu ortho and dental clinic is a perfect one stop destination in kothrud area for all problems related to ortho and dental. Dr Shinde is excellent in his diagnosis and patient management skills. My wife has undergone dental treatment successfully under Dr Mrs. Y Shinde guidance. I would highly recommend Chirayu clinic.

Sachin Dhas , Visited For Orthopaedic Surgery