Woman bone health treatment in Pune

Bones provide the basic structure of our body upon which flesh, organs, and skin are placed. It is always advised to build up strong bones during your childhood since bones tend to become weaker in your adulthood.

Importance of Bone health :

  • Bones protect our important organs like the heart, skull, lung, etc., from any external injury. They serve as a shield to them.
  • Bones enable us to move by providing mobility.
  • By the age of 30, we reach our peak bone mass; until then, you should try to form as many strong bones as possible so that you don’t suffer from Osteoporosis in your later life.

What is Osteoporosis?

This medical term refers to a condition where your bones tend to become fragile and brittle with age. This can be caused due to the deficiency of Vitamin D, calcium, or hormonal transitions.

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Factors affecting Bone health :

Calcium intake –

A high amount of calcium in your diet will protect you from fractures and weakening of bones.

Gender –

Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis as compared to men.

Hormonal changes –

High levels of thyroid and low estrogen can cause Osteoporosis in women whereas, inadequate testosterone levels in men can cause them to develop bone loss.

Alcohol and cigarettes –

Extreme consumption of tobacco and alcohol can make your bones vulnerable to osteoporosis.

Weight and eating disorders –

If you’re anorexic or underweight, then your bones may get weaker with time as they may lack the required nutrients for their strength.

How to make your bones stronger?

  • Healthy diet– Your diet must include food rich in Vitamin D, calcium for strengthening your bones, e.g., dairy products, meat, fish, green vegetables, etc.
  • Exercise- Exercise keeps your body active and healthy. Intense and weight-bearing workouts can help to build your bones stronger and maintain a healthy bone mass.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking.

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