In case you hurt or fall upon your shoulder, you need to contact your doctor as fast as possible. If it gets broken, the quicker you seek treatment, the sooner it will heal. Your shoulder consists of three bones-

  • Arm bone (humerus)
  • Collarbone (clavicle)
  • Shoulder blade (scapula)

What to expect from a broken shoulder?

  • Arm Bone

It is the area that is closest to the shoulder. A break in your arm bone can heal it without the need for surgery if the bones do not shift apart. You will require to wear a sling when it heals. If the breakage is serious, the doctor will put it in screws, plates, and pins. At times, you can require a total replacement of the shoulder.

  • Collar Bone

It heals without the need for surgery. Your doctor will still give you a sling to hold the arm in one place.

In case the bone comes through your skin, or if it gets fractured in two places, you will require an operation. Similar to shoulder surgery, your doctor will need to hold it in place with pins, screws, and plates.

  • Shoulder Blade

It is protected by the muscle layers and by the chest. So, a fracture in your shoulder blade is not quite common. But, in case you break it, you will not require any surgery. The doctor will give a sling that holds the arm in its place and keeps it in proper position while your bone heals. You can expect a prescription from your doctor for pain medications and instructions for the application of ice.


If you seek treatment for your broken shoulder, you can contact Dr.Vinil Shinde from Kothrud & Bavdhan. He can help determine the severity of your broken shoulder and provide you with the necessary treatment.