Most of the time you experience neck and back pain, it is because of posture. If you can find the main cause of bad posture, you can fix it to get immediate back and neck pain relief. This is because good posture has a direct relation with your neck. It depends on the position of your ears that is above your shoulders.

How bad posture can cause back and neck pain?

  • Hyperextension and hyperflexion

The low cervical spine faces hyperflexion when the vertebrae tilt far towards the front. In this case, your upper cervical spine faces hyperextension as your brain keeps up your head so that your eyes can look forward. This alteration in the curve of your spinal spine causes neck pain.

  • High stress on your cervical spine

When you hold your head forward while remaining in a bad posture, the cervical spine has to support heavyweight. The average head can weigh up to ten or twelve pounds. This can increase the load on your cervical spine causing neck pain.

  • Muscle overload

Few muscles in your upper back and neck can overwork themselves to counterbalance the gravity pull on your forward head. As a result, they are susceptible to spasms and painful strains.

  • Hunching

When you hunch while sitting or standing, it can cause the core, back, the abdominal muscles to sprain. This happens due to a low blood supply reaching these parts.

  • Unsupported position of sitting

An unsupported position can cause a forward bend on your spine. This can cause herniation in your lower spinal discs.

  • The incorrect technique of lifting

The incorrect technique of lifting can herniate your lumbar disk. This can cause lower back pain.


You can improve your posture by sitting straight. In addition, you can use an ergonomic chair. You can contact Dr. Vinil Shinde at Kothrud & Bavdhan to know more.