At present, loads of people are suffering from Arthritis across the world. As per the survey, it has been noticed that almost 50 million people in the US suffer from Arthritis yearly. Arthritis is a state of affairs where people suffer from immense pain and swelling around their joints. The pain of Arthritis can vary between mild to severe.

Options to Reduce the Risk of Arthritis

 Many feel that it is tough to get recover from Arthritis. Well, you may not get entirely cured of Arthritis, but you can take some precautionary measures to prevent the severity of Arthritis. So, let us look at the areas where all need to work to stay safe from Arthritis.

  • Weight maintenance:-

All need to be aware of proper maintenance of weight. Obesity enhances the chance of Arthritis, and doctors often suggest getting involved in daily physical activities.

  • Healthy Diet:-

Besides regular physical activities, maintaining a healthy diet is also a part of staying safe from Arthritis. Here it is suggested to take green vegetables as much as possible so that your immune system can work properly.

  • Do Stretching:-

Light stretching exercises are extremely helpful to keep your muscles soft and active.

  • Stay Away from Injury:-

Injury can cause serious problems to the joints. Any person having an injured joint is more likely to suffer from Arthritis. If you are involved in sports, it is always recommended to wear guards to protect the knees and other joints of your body.

  • Eat Fish:-

Fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation. Hence it is always suggested to have fish twice a week.

  • Say No to Smoking:-

Smoking can seriously impact bone health, and it is suggested to quit smoking to protect your joint health.

Besides, once you suffer from joint pain, consulting with doctors will be the best option to prevent Arthritis.