Physiotherapy is a type of physical therapy. It is a technique involving the scientific nature of the movement. Its objective is to promote holistic fitness and healing. And, it consists of different kinds of massages and exercises.

During pregnancy, most women experience pain in their lower back. Physiotherapy during pregnancy can effectively relieve the painful symptoms associated with involuntary urination, pelvic, and lower back pain.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy during pregnancy?

  • Helps with changes in posture

Pregnant women always get sprains in their bodies. Posture changes can happen due to change in body weight, laxity within supporting structures, and retention of the fluid. As a result, there are alterations in the joints that bear weight and in the spine alignment. This leads to pelvic and back pain at the time of pregnancy.

A physiotherapist can help treat this pain. In addition, they can help with any postural change during pregnancy.

  • Prepares you for labor

A physiotherapist has all the knowledge about the pelvic floor. They can help women learn how they can effectively push during the birth of their child. This can allow women to lower any chances of having trauma in their pelvic floors.

  • Rehabilitates the pelvic floor

At the time of pregnancy, your pelvic floor can suffer. Physiotherapists will assess the woman’s muscles, nerves, and connective tissues. Some conditions that pregnant women experience are relapse of their pelvic organs, pain during sex, and incontinence. But, a physiotherapist can help in rehabilitating the pelvic.


Physiotherapy during pregnancy can rehabilitate the pelvic floor, prepare women for labor, and help with changes in posture. As a result, women will experience fewer symptoms of pain in their sciatica, lower back, and pelvic bone. If you want any physiotherapy, you can contact Dr. Vinil Shinde at Kothrud & Bavdhan.