A shoulder dislocation is a kind of injury in the bone of the upper arm that comes out of this cup-shaped socket. The latter is a part of the shoulder blade. Since it is the most mobile, it is always at risk of dislocation. Some of the causes and symptoms of shoulder dislocation have been highlighted below.

The Causes of Shoulder Dislocation

  • Injuries in sports.
  • Falling on the outstretched arm or shoulder.
  • Accidents, like traffic accidents.
  • Electric shocks and seizures lead to muscle contractions and they pull the shoulder out of its place.
  • A sudden blow to a shoulder.

Few Symptoms of Shoulder Dislocation

  • Spasm in muscles.
  • A shoulder that seems out of its place.
  • Extreme weakness and pain.
  • Redness or bruising.
  • Weakness, tingling, numbness in the fingers, hand, and arm.
  • Difficulty while moving an arm or immobility.

What are some complications of shoulder dislocation?

Complications of shoulder dislocation are as follows.

  • Tearing of tendons, ligaments, muscles that reinforce the shoulder joint.
  • Blood vessel or nerve damage around the shoulder joint.
  • Instability of the shoulder causes recurrent dislocations that put you at risk of repeated injuries.

When can you see a doctor for shoulder dislocation?

If your shoulder seems dislocated, you need to contact a doctor immediately

When you are awaiting to see the doctor, you can take care to do the following.

Sling or splint the joint in the current position. Do not try to move your shoulder or force it back to its place. This can damage your surrounding ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.


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