At present, the percentage of people who suffer from Osteoarthritis has risen a lot worldwide. People often suffer from fingers, hips, knees pain, which can lead to Osteoarthritis. People often face this problem due to breakage in the cartilage, which removes the bones’ cushion. This problem will automatically reduce the bone strength of the knees and create problems in regular activities.

Surgical treatments for Osteoarthritis:-

Once people suffer from Osteoarthritis, they search for necessary treatments for these problems. Experts often suggest various advanced treatments to treat the knees. Here, all need to understand the best treatments for Osteoarthritis.

  • Arthroscopic Treatment:-

This treatment seems to be an excellent treatment for Osteoarthritis. This treatment includes lavage and debridement of the bones of the knees. As per this therapy, it will remove the debris and meniscal fragments. This treatment also removes the flaps of the cartilage.

  • Repair Treatment of Cartilage:-

There is no healing process once the cartilage gets damaged. Cartilage repairing has been recommended in recent days, and this will help in focal cartilage defects. To perform this osteoarthritis treatment, like bone marrow treatment, includes drilling, abrasion, and other necessary replacement techniques.

  • Bone Marrow Stimulating:-

This treatment is based on the cartilage repair tissue, which is done via the subchondral lamina. The bone marrow helps in promoting chondrogenesis in the defective area.

  • Osteotomies:-

Osteotomies seem to be another effective therapy. This therapy has become a popular therapy for Osteoarthritis. Well, this therapy was first performed in the year 1950. During 1980 and 1990, this therapy became an extremely popular treatment for knee therapy, gaining success in knee arthroplasty.

  • Joint Arthroplasty:-

Another safe and cost-effective treatment for the knee is joint arthroplasty. But, this therapy is not considered acceptable for those below 60 years of age