People who have arthritis or suffering from an injury can have knee pain during cold weather. This happens due to a temperature drop. It is also because with the onset of cold during winter; there is a drop in the barometric pressure. So, there is little pressure on the body from the surrounding air.

Because of the above reason, your scar tissue, joints, muscles, and tendons can start to pain. Changes in the barometric pressure also enhance your knee pain. And it mostly happens when the change in the temperature is sudden.

Synovial fluid gets thick in the winter season. That is why the joints become painful and stiff. In addition, during cold weather, some of the blood moves away from your legs and arms to vital organs such as the lungs and heart. As it takes the warmth away from your knee joints, it makes them ache.

The cold also tightens up your muscles. This decreases your flexibility. As a result, you become more prone to injuries and sores.

What can you do to prevent knee pain during cold weather?

  • Do Not Stop Running Abruptly

When you have to take a break, do not stop running abruptly. You can start walking so that the knee joints do not get cold and start paining.

  • Stay Indoors On Cold Days

You can work your knee joints while you stay indoors. Instead of going out on the run on a pavement that is snow-covered, take the help of a treadmill. It will give you an effective cardio workout for at least twenty minutes.

  • Warm-up Exercises

You can spend five minutes stretching and doing warm-up exercises. This will prevent your joint from becoming stiff.


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