Avascular necrosis is a disease that affects your bones. Necrosis is a term that marks the death of a cell. Avascular necrosis is also termed as one infarction, aseptic necrosis, osteonecrosis, and ischemic bone necrosis.

It can result in joint pain, especially hip pain.  Bone damage happens as a result of the absence of blood flow to your bone cells. This happens due to an injury. It is also because of drinking a lot of alcohol or corticosteroids that manage health problems that are chronic.

Without getting treatment, the space between the joints could collapse. This can cause your bones to lose shape. Hence, you may get osteoarthritis. People with avascular necrosis require joint replacement surgery.

Causes of Avascular Necrosis

  • Medical treatments

Cancer radiation therapy can make your bones weak. Other conditions related to avascular necrosis are organ transplants like those of kidneys.

  • Alcohol

If you have too much alcohol in a day, it can lead to the formation of fat deposits in the blood. This can lower the supply of blood that goes to the bones.

  • Steroid drugs

In case you consume drugs that fight inflammation, either by vein or mouth, it can result in non-traumatic avascular necrosis. These drugs can increase the fat levels in the blood that may reduce the blood flow.

Symptoms of Avascular Necrosis

During the early avascular necrosis stage, several people do not experience any symptoms. When the condition gets worse, the joint may hurt when you have weight on it. Eventually, you will feel that pain when you lie down.

Pain can be severe or mild and can develop slowly. Avascular necrosis pain can occur in the hip, groin, buttock, or thigh. Apart from the hip, other affected areas will include the foot, hand, knee, and shoulders.


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