Suffering from back pain has been almost common recently, and research says that at least 4 out of 5 adults suffer from back pain. The causes of back pain depend on several reasons, and persisting back pain can lead to severe health hazards. Hence as per doctors, a person suffering from back pain should not delay consulting with experts.

Probable causes of Back Pain:-

Several causes are responsible for spine or back pain. The normal back pain mainly develops due to sudden injury due to overloading, poor sleeping & sitting posture, etc. However, normal back pain can get healed with rest, ice & anti-inflammatory treatment. But, people can feel severe back pain due to arthritis and injury.

Signs of back pain:-

Individuals are hardly aware of the signs of back pain, so they often miss proper back pain treatment. But, people need to consult with professionals if they face the following symptoms.

  • Chronic back pain:-

Many times, back pain can heal within a few days if you rest and use anti-inflammatory treatment. But, if you notice that the back pain persists for a long time, you need to consult with doctors without delay.

  • Pain in the buttocks & legs:-

If you feel that your chronic back pain is radiating towards the buttock and legs, you must have a consultation with doctors immediately.

  • Weakness:-

Individuals can suffer from numbness or weakness in the body. Once you suffer from any weakness due to back pain, consulting with doctors will be the best option.

  • Fever:-

Back pain can often generate fever, and once people suffer from fever due to back pain, it is necessary to consult with doctors.

  • Unexpected weight loss:-

If any patient suffers from unwanted weight loss due to back pain, it is necessary to consult with experts.

People suffering from the above signs can consult with Dr. Vinil Shinde, Pune, to get the best treatment.

About Dr. Vinil Shinde:-

Dr. Vinil Shinde is an orthopedic surgeon in kothrud, Pune, and has an experience of 8 years in this field. Dr. Vinil Shinde practices at dr Shinde’s dental & orthopedic clinic in kothrud, Pune. He completed ms – orthopedics from topiwala national medical college in 2010. He is a member of the association of spine surgeons of India (assi).