When you have a broken bone, it is called a fracture. It calls for medical attention. In case the broken bone is a result of a major injury or trauma, contact a doctor immediately.

Post Fracture Care Guide

Do not move unless necessary to avoid any injury after you get a fracture. While you wait for medical help, take the following actions.

  • Stop bleeding

Apply pressure on your wound with the assistance of a sterile bandage and clean cloth or a clean piece of cloth.

  • Immobilize the area injured

Do not try to push or realign the broken bone or try to stick it back in. If you know how to splint and do not have any professional help, apply the splint to the injured area below and above the site of the fracture. Padding your splints can lower any discomfort.

  • Apply some ice packs to limit the swelling and relieve pain

Do not apply any ice directly to your skin. Wrap an ice cube in a piece of cloth or a towel and apply it to the fractured area.

  • Treatment for shock

In case the person feels like they will faint or is breathing in rapid or short breaths, lay them down with their head lower than the trunk, and if you can, elevate their legs.

How to prevent any fractures in the future?

  • Rearrange your furniture

Make a wide path so that you can move smoothly without facing an obstruction.

  • Clear clutter

Put away magazines, books, stacks of clothes, or anything on which you can fall or trip over.

  • Add lighting

Make sure all the hallways in your house are lit properly. This will prevent any more future accidents.


If you have a broken bone or fracture, contact Dr. Vinil Shinde of Kothrud & Bavdhan.